Access, coverage, and Reimbursement

Support to help patients access Palforzia

Aimmune is committed to making PALFORZIA accessible by providing financial options to eligible patients. PALFORZIA Pathway supports patients and caregivers with useful resources and assistance.

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Available resources with PALFORZIA Pathway enrollment:

  • Support Program

    This program helps answer your patients' questions about:

    • Accessing PALFORZIA
    • Insurance coverage
    • Financial assistance options

    Learn more about the PALFORZIA Pathway program.

    Download Brochure
  • Co-Pay Savings Program

    Commercially insured patients who meet eligibility criteria may*:

    • Receive help with out-of-pocket costs for PALFORZIA
    • Pay as little as $20 per month, with a maximum benefit of $6,200 per calendar year

    Encourage eligible patients to apply for the co-pay program online.

    View Program Website
  • Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

    Uninsured patients or patients whose insurance does not cover PALFORZIA may:

    • Receive PALFORZIA at no cost if they meet specific eligibility and financial criteria

    Complete a Prescription and Enrollment Form for your eligible patients.

    Download Form
  1. *Terms and conditions apply. See for full terms and conditions.
  2. Terms and conditions apply. Call 1-844-PALFORZ for information about applying.

It's easy to enroll your patients in PALFORZIA Pathway

  • Prescription and enrollment form icon

    DOWNLOAD aPrescription and Enrollment Form

  • Completed form icon

    COMPLETE the form, and make sure you get the patient's information and signature

  • Phone icon

    FAX the completed form to 1-844-708-0011

Support your practice and patients with downloadable materials from our resource center, including a Coding and Billing flashcard and a Sample Letter of Medical Necessity.

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