For children aged 4 through 17 years

Help prepare them for
accidental peanut exposure


their day
takes them

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Complete avoidance
of peanut can be difficult

A systematic literature review found that children with food allergy experience accidental exposures to their specific food allergens in places where they commonly spend time, including their home, a friend’s house, school, and restaurants.1

Percentage of ExposuresPercentage of Exposures
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Approximately 1 in 5 children with physician-diagnosed peanut allergy had at least 1 peanut allergy-related ED visit in a single year.2*

ED = emergency department.

*According to a population-based survey of US households with parent-proxy responses for 38,408 children.

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Palforzia works
with the immune system

PALFORZIA can help gradually decrease a patient's sensitivity to peanuts over time through a process called oral immunotherapy (OIT). During OIT, a patient is slowly exposed to increasing amounts of peanut protein until the Maintenance Dose is reached. Although PALFORZIA is not a cure for peanut allergy, it can help lessen the severity of a reaction from accidental exposure.3

PALFORZIA is not a treatment for allergic reactions and should not be given during an allergic reaction.3

Palforzia was clinically proven

PALFORZIA is indicated for the mitigation of allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis, that may occur with accidental exposure to peanut.3

See the results from key studies here.

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Palforzia could be an option for your patients with peanut allergy

Ask your patients with peanut allergy and their caregivers whether they would like to learn more about a treatment option for their allergy, in addition to following a strict peanut-avoidant diet and carrying injectable epinephrine.

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